Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Location!

Hello anyone who still reads this! I must apologize for the 1 1/2 month blog hiatus. I've been busy... I am currently blogging from South Korea! The military finally approved our paperwork, so on the 25th of September, I flew from Washington DC to South Korea. We are living right off-post, in a beautiful apartment that would cost an obcene amount of money in the States. (Seriously, I have marble and hardwood floors, huge bay windows, and more closet space than anyone could ever need. Thank you Army!) I have yet to eat much of the local cuisine, as we've been super busy trying to get situated. I'll try to start posting more regularly now. Have a great day, all!


Susan G said...

Wow, that is so exciting! I hope you can post about your life there. I love to hear about how people live outside the States!

outdoorchick said...

HI Sam! I wanted to write you as soon as I started reading your blog. :) I'm a vegetarian but definetly want to go vegan. I'm actually deploying in two months to Afghanistan. Which is fine but i'm very concerned about keeping up with my healthy diet and possibly going vegan, which I know is probably going to be impossilbe to do! Anyway, I also noticed you're a student working on your nursing degree? I was also a student working on my prereqs. Would love to hear how you're doing school etc while you're overseas. I plan to go active when I'm deployed. Anyway, I'm writing a book here. I hope you're enjoying your new apartment. I look forward in maybe hearing from you soon.
Amy :-D

The Irish Vegans said...

It'll be interesting to see how your vegan diet fares in south korea. Can you even get soya milk etc over there?