Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yes, I'm a bad little vegan. Life has been quite hectic here. Rob is serving with the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea. Without him here, I've not been cooking anything really interesting. I've been eating healthy, but I tend to choose salads, veggie burgers, or stir-fry over anything elaborate. I did make the broccoli-cashew stir-fry out of ED&BV the other day. It was spectacularly good, further proof that Dreena is a goddess in the kitchen!
Another reason for my lack of postings is that I'm trying to get over to Korea myself. The Army has programs that do spouses to go over. We've been going through all the required steps and should have an approval or denial in a few weeks. If I do get to go over, it's going to open a whole new culinary world! I've been trying to increase my tolerance for spicy foods, as Rob tells me everything is HOT over there! He's had to go back to being vegetarian instead of vegan while he's there, but is hoping that I get to go over so that he can get back to veganism. I miss cooking for two!
I will try to post here more often. It's been crazy with school, being an Army wife, and all the other household duties. Have a wonderful day all!

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Amey said...

wow! korea! That would be a super exciting culinary world to explore. I hope it works out for you. :) Plus, then we'll get to read about korean food!